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Trinity Rebar is an independently owned rebar fabricator and concrete supply business. Our mission is to continuously improve in customer service and support in order to add value to our customers’ projects. Trinity services all types of residential, commercial and heavy construction projects. Trinity was founded with the basic principle of doing business the old fashion way with honesty and dependability. We offer a wide variety of services that will make your project successful. We offer over 200 years of experience to make sure your project needs are met. We look forward to partnering with you on your next project.

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Our Products

Field Tools
Cut-Off Saws
Rebar Benders
Rebar Cutters
Saws and blades
High Speed Steel Bits and Taps

Concrete Accessories
Bar Supports
Control Joint
Vapor Barriers
Water Stop
Tire Wire

Concrete Chemicals
Form Oils
Curing Compounds

Concrete Curing
Burlap Burlene

Concrete Grout
Non-Shrink Grout
Epoxy Grout

Dewalts Tools & Accessories
Power Fasteners
Hogen Tools & Accessories
Fall Protection
Safety Equipment
Scaffolding Rentals
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Cutting & Grinding Tools
Abrasive Blades
Abrasive Cup Wheels
Core Drill Bits
Diamond Blades (wet & dry)

Concrete Equipment
Grout Pumps
Hoppers, PVC & Steel

General Supplies
Mixing Boxes
Extension Cords

General Equipment
Submersible Pumps
Water Pumps of all types

Hand Tools
Finishing Tools

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Value-Added Services

Trinity Rebar offers pre tie services for many of your reinforcing needs. This includes Caissons, Pier’s, Footings and Cages for light pole bases. Save time and labor cost with our pre tie service Note: not all structures can be pre tied and shipped. Check with your sales representative to confirm the ability to tie and ship your structure.

Trinity Rebar also offers field placing for your project. This allows you to focus on your core business while our highly trained Iron Workers place your reinforcing steel safety and on time. Our placing services will allow you to stay on track with your construction schedule by using our Iron Workers you gain access to our placing expertise without the added expense of training your employees. This service will allow you to streamline your costs as it relates to labor expenses.


  • Detailing is one of the most important tasks for completing a project on time and within budget.
  • Our detailers focus is to create shop and field use drawings which outline all of the rebar requirements in a given structure.
  • Trinity Rebar’s detailers will most commonly use electronic drafting programs to complete the details for all drawings related to our projects. Computer-aided drafting (CAD).
  • Traditionally, steel detailing was accomplished via manual drafting methods, using pencils, paper, and drafting tools such as a parallel bar or drafting machine, triangles, templates of circles and other useful shapes, and mathematical tables, such as tables of logarithms and other useful calculation aids.
  • With a combined 90 years of experience our detailers still have the ability to detail in this manner.
  • Our Team knows how to specify the exact detailing requirements for fabricating each individual member (or “piece”) of a structure.
  • Trinity Rebar’s’ detailers comply with the requirements of the design drawings and with all industry standards and protocols, such as those established by the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC).
  • Our rebar detailers are experts in rebar detailing and will provide you with the most productive use of the rebar material required to complete your project with strength and quality.
  • By hiring Trinity Rebar your company and project managers get the advantages rebar detailing excellence and our depth of knowledge.

Our Shop

  • Trinity Rebar facilities and equipment allow us to substantially increase production capacity and to better meet demand.
  • Our Fabrication facilities utilize the latest technologies and are outfitted with modern shear lines, benders and automated bending tables.
  • The Shear Operator cuts the stock length steel to the specifications provided by the detailer.
  • The Bender bends the steel to specifications provided to them.
  • There are varying types of bending machines that each requires their own operator.
  • The Crane Operators load and unload incoming and outgoing trucks as well as move steel from the stock piles to the various machines (shears, benders, shanks, straighteners etc.)
  • Shop Workers have one of the most critical responsibilities in our fabrication process and ultimately what is sent to a job site is fabricated by the shop.
  • Trinity Rebar is proud to say that we have a over 80 years of combined experience in our shop.

Contact Us

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Bill Isner - Operations Manager
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Cierra Hackett - Office Administrative Specialist
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